How Much Do Escorts Earn?

How Much Do Escorts Earn?

Prostitution or Escorts service work is considered the oldest profession in the world. Many females look to escorting to make a living. Whether it be to bridge the gap between jobs or as a full-time profession, becoming an escort is a great way to earn money. It is a lucrative job that can make anyone earn lumps of money depending on how many clients she wants to accommodate in a day. If you are looking to start a career as an escort, then the best time to be one is now.

But how much do escorts make? There are a lot of factors that contribute to an escort’s bottom line. As part of an escort agency, call girls may charge more than independent walkers but would have to split some of the earnings with the agency. Usually, an agent takes 10% of the agreed rate, and the remaining 90% is divided between the escort and the agency. Agency girls charge anywhere from Inr15,000 – Inr30,000 an hour. This may sound a lot, but if you factor in the deductions, this means that an agency escort takes home around Inr10,000 to Inr20,000 per hour, which is still more than what minimum wage earners make in a day. Despite the deductions, being part of an agency means better marketability, which will earn you more bookings.

On the other hand, you can be an independent escort and can charge a bit smaller than agency girls but would have a better bottom line at the end of the day. You can start by setting your rate around Inr20,000 per hour. Some independent call girls charge depending on the number of pops in 2 hours and charge additional fees for ‘special’ services. You can charge anywhere from Inr5,000 to Inr20,000 for those additional services. The only disadvantage you may come across as an independent escort is that you would have to market yourself and be good at it to have clients.

Agencies vs. Independent

Applying to be part of an agency’s roster can be a bit difficult if you are starting out in the escort industry. Many agencies look for women who already have experience with escorting work since these companies bank on quality services for their established clientele. However, depending on the service you can offer to their customers, you can have a roster spot since most of their clients have already gone through the whole roster; they need a fresh face once in a while.

As an independent, on the other hand, you can select which clients you want to take on and only choose those who pay for the extra mile. In escorting, there is a YMMV rule which stands for Your Mileage May Vary. As an independent escort, you can very much use this rule to make more money for yourself.

Becoming an escort is an easy way to earn money for your comfort and expenditures but can be pretty tiring. Make sure to bite only what you can chew. Taking on many clients over a day can take a toll on your energy and may affect the service you give. It’s best to always make sure that you give the best service you can provide whether you work for an agency or an independent escort. Quality service means repeat clients, something you want to build early on in your career. Having clients that you are familiar with sexually, makes you more confident with your work and makes the deed more fun and enjoyable; it also means having more work coming your way.

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